Clairin Communal Haiti Rhum 700mL ABV 43%

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Produced from Clairins Sajous, Vaval, Casimir and Le Rocher, this version is supported by a backbone of sugarcane and hot cane sugar. The remarkably slender palette of flavours and aromas is revealed with extreme sensitivity and sensuality. Each note, whether fruity, floral, medicinal, spicy or honeyed is produced with masterful precision. Dedicated to freedom and authenticity, this "communal" Clairin allows each of its players to express themselves to the full.

Profile: the complex initial nose reveals notes of sugarcane, heady florals and pear. Allowed to breathe, cane sugar brings even more depth. The elegant attack is vanilla. In turn fruity, floral and spicy, the mid-palate has a very fine texture. The rich finish is vegetal (cut hay, dried flowers). Hot cane sugar floods the taste buds.


Product of Haiti

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