Flam Noble 2017 Red 750mL ABV 14.5%

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66% Cabernet Sauvignon, 21% Syrah and 13% Petit Verdot sourced from the very best plots in the Dishon and Ben Zimra in Upper Galilee and Mata in the Judean Hills vineyards.

The grapes were carefully selected and hand harvested in the early morning hours from old, low yielding vines.

The wine is then aged for 16 months in Franch oak barrels.

After bottling the wine is further aged for 24 months in the cellar at the winery.


Product of Israel


The Flam winery was established in 1998 by Golan, Gilad Flam and their mother Kami, with the vision of producing wine at the highest international quality.
Golan and Gilad absorbed their love for wine from their father, Israel, one of the country's wine industry pioneers. Their mother, Kami, has contributed greatly to the development of the family’s winery, harnessing her business experience for the task. The younger sister to the Flam clan, Gefen, joined in and added her young and innovative approach.

The unique combination of accumulated family knowledge of winemaking, experience, and never-ending passion for wine has placed the Flam family as the first wine family of Israel.


The story of FLAM winery is a family story. A family that lives, breathes and produces wine for more than 50 years. Surrounded by vineyards, the FLAM Winery is located at the heart of the Judean Hills surrounding Jerusalem, between the Kisalon river and the Kdoshim forest. The winery operates in the classic European Family Estate model. 

Growing Wine

Working the land and attending the vine stands at the core of the FLAM winery. The winery cultivates the same vineyards year after year. This meticulous and consistent work in the vineyards yields an intimate relationship, essential to produce authentic and terroir-driven wines. 

It’s All in the Family

Israel Flam, chief winemaker for many years at one of Israel’s leading wineries, is regarded by many as the pioneer of Israeli modern winemaking. His oldest son Golan, was born in Stellenbosch, South Africa, where his destiny as a future winemaker was decided. His brother Gilad fell in love with wine at an early age, yet went on to study law and business administration. With the creation of FLAM winery he was to combine his first love and business skills. The business experience of their mother Kami, helped the commercial development of the winery from its early days. Born into this oenological atmosphere, little sister Gefen soon joined as the creative driving force at the winery.