Forest Dry Gin Winter 500mL ABV 45%

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The fermentation of a mix of cereals and water gives us a liquid that we distillate four times in a pot still. This gives us the spirit that will be the base of all the Forest Dry Gins. The botanicals and fruit are macerated and distilled separately. Finally, we blend the distilled botanicals and fruit with our basic spirit following the same procedure. We leave this mixture to rest for a couple of weeks in order to obtain the perfect marriage between the etherical oils of the botanicals and the basic cereal spirit.

A predominant taste of juniper will be typical for all the Forest dry gins but every season will have his own gin flavoured with the seasonal botanicals. None of the Forest dry gins are sweetened. It is due to the expertise of our master distiller, the fact that we only work with low profit stills and only use locally produced ecologic ingredients that Forest Dry Gin has a soft and round taste.



An Old School gin, with lots of juniper berry notes and pronounced citrus overtones.

Perfect serve: 

Mix Forest Dry Gin Winter with premium tonic, add ice cubes and the Bitter Truth Orange Bitters, juniper berries & zest of pink grapefruit.