Hampden Rum Fire White Overproof Jamaican Rum 700mL ABV 63%

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Produced at the Hampden Estate Distillery, Rum Fire is a Pure Single Jamaican Rum distilled in pot stills. With an ester content of 300-500 grams, it falls into the LROK category. A subtle combination of softness and energy, in terms of both flavours and aromas, Rum Fire is a long succession of fermentary, fruity, floral and herbaceous sequences each more intense and complex than the next. These are accompanied by occasional notes of tar and burnt sugar cane that are particularly characteristic of the empyreumatic and mineral style of Jamaican rums.

Profile: the powerful first nose is delicately tarry and characterized by notes of fermented exotic fruits (banana, pineapple) and burnt sugar cane juice. Mineral (slate), once allowed to breathe, it becomes medicinal (ointment),  camphoric and rubbery. A few heady florals (dahlia) also fragrance the air. The lively yet creamy attack is extremely fruity (pineapple, banana) and herbaceous (savory, chervil, watercress). The mid-palate is like a bed of sugar cane placed directly on top of tarmac. The heady finish invites us to enjoy a lemon yoghurt. The expressive end of the finish admires unending fields of cane.


Produced in Jamaica

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