Providence Haitian Rum Blanc 700mL ABV 57%

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Profile: the lively yet refined first nose reveals superb notes of sugar cane and cane sugar. Particularly fruity (orange, prune, pear), floral (vetiver) and spicy (clove, ginger), it becomes increasingly rich and luxurious (freesia) once allowed to breathe. Medicinal (musk), it lingers on subtle aromas of orange blossom. The precise attack reveals a luxurious mouthfeel. Cane sugar and the juice of a ripe pear flood the palate. The mineral (lava) mid-palate is also floral (peony), fruity (apricot) and creamy (strawberry yoghurt). The silky finish is an invitation to savour still-warm cane sugar. A mix of spices (ylang-ylang), the end of the palate is particularly floral (carnation).
The Port-au-Prince distillery is one of the Caribbean’s last remaining distilleries and has been operating since 2018 in the Haitian capital. The project is a result of collaboration between the Barbancourt-Linge family (descendants of the famous Barbancourt rum dynasty) and La Maison & Velier. The fruit of this partnership is the rum Providence. The distillery’s first bottling is called First Drops, a white rum produced from cane syrup and fresh cane juice. The succulent Cristalline variety of sugar cane used is sourced from Michel Sajous in the north of Port-au-Prince. Distillation is completed in a steam-heated pot still.


Product of Haiti