Thatchers Green Goblin Medium Dry Somerset Cider 500mL ABV 5.0%

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Green Goblin is a full flavoured cider, crafted from a blend of bittersweet apples such as Dabinett and Somerset Redstreak. This is a beautifully balanced cider, with a medium dry finish and fresh character.

Rich and golden in appearance with an aroma that’s appley through and through and a finely balanced, full flavour.

Nutritional info: Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs.
Gluten and dairy free. Contains sulphites for freshness..

Produced in Somerset, England.

We’ve been making cider for over 100 years and the world around us has changed quite a bit.

Each generation has passed on their secrets of cider making, like encouraging bees to pollinate apple blossom, or looking after the 150 year old oak vats where the cider matures.

Our ciders are borne of their surroundings. Myrtle Farm is as important to our cider as the apples themselves. Nestled at the foot of the Mendip Hills, the Thatchers orchards are our pride and joy.

We’ve over 500 acres of orchard now and these aren’t just home to apples. They provide a habitat for wildlife and lock up carbon.

Beehives in all of our orchards help with pollination at blossom time. It’s not just honey bees that make our orchards their home – we encourage bumblebees too with the planting of their favourite wildflowers.

Alongside famous cider apples like Somerset Redstreak and Dabinett, and popular dessert apples like Katy, we’re also proud to grow 458 varieties of rare traditional apples in our exhibition orchard – we think it’s the largest collection of cider apple trees in England.