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Dark beers from classic to barrel aged, sweet stouts or pastry stouts (peanut butter stout anyone?).

Deschutes Black Butte, Founders KBS, Omnipollo and more.

  • Heaps Normal Coffee Run Stout Non Alcoholic

    Heaps Normal Coffee Run Stout Non Alcoholic 4 x 375mL

    Heaps Normal
    Coffee run? Make it an all day breakfast beer of champions brewed with bean queen Kmac eFloozy Coffee. It's like a big cup of Jolene in a can. Give your brain a pep talk or just serve yourself to the world sunny side up...that's mood. Considered alcohol...
  • Fuerst Wiacek Dreams #6 Imperial Stout

    Fuerst Wiacek Dreams #6 Imperial Stout 440mL ABV 11.5%

    Fuerst Wiacek
    Experimentation and innovation are at the heart of our Dream series. Whether it’s comparing small variances in recipes, flirting with unfamiliar styles or trialling new ingredients, our goal is to keep learning, develop fresh techniques and hone...

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