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  • Adelaide Hills Distillery 78° Sunset Gin

    Adelaide Hills Distillery 78° Sunset Gin 700mL ABV 42%

    Adelaide Hills
    Carefully distilled in a column and basket still designed specifically for this gin. This gin, through the use of Strawberry Gum, Bush Apple, Juniper and Rosella, exhibits notes of fresh red berries with sublte hints of pine and eucalyptus. Further...
  • Adelaide Hills Distillery 78° Gin

    Adelaide Hills Distillery 78° Gin 700mL ABV 42%

    Adelaide Hills
    Carefully distilled in a column and basket still designed specifically for this gin. From pure Adelaide Hlls water and a blend of twelve unique botanicals, never heated above 78.1deg. Distilling at this gentle temperature ensures only the purest alcohol...
  • Portofino Gin

    Portofino Gin 500mL ABV 40%

    Portofino Dry Gin was created out of love for Portofino, its charm, and its prestigious history. 21 botanicals are used in the making of Portofino Dry Gin, each carefully selected for its aromatic properties. The initial notes of Portofino Dry Gin come...
  • Colombo No.8 Gin

    Colombo No.8 Gin 700mL ABV 43.7%

    Colombo No.8 is a meticulously crafted gin that follows tradition by incorporating 8 botanicals infused with ginseng. It commemorates the historical Silk Route with a London dry gin that resurrects the recipe of a distilled, juniper-forward gin with a...
  • Procera African Juniper Gin

    Procera Blue Dot Gin 700mL ABV 44%

    Procera gin was founded with a dream to bring the very best of Africa to the world. Our gin is proudly distilled in Nairobi, Kenya, at 1638 metres above sea level. It’s the world’s first gin to use Juniperus Procera, which we harvest just 70...
  • Tatsumi Distillery Gin

    Tatsumi Distillery Gin 500mL ABV 45%

    Tatsumi Distillery
    An incredible Japanese craft gin. Made by Tatsumi-san by hand on his own. The Tatsumi Distillery Gin is made with simply one botanical - juniper berry. The Juniper is sourced from northern Macedonia and is some of the best available in the market. The...
  • Vickers London Dry Gin 700mL Vickers London Dry Gin 1000mL

    Vickers London Dry Gin 700mL | 1000mL ABV 37%

    SGD65.00 - SGD85.00
    The crisp, poised blend of aromatics and botanicals are distilled to crystal clarity in the true london dry gin tradition. Complexities are smoothly balanced around gin’s signature note of evergreen juniper. Vickers Gin is an unquestionable classic...
  • Saneha Thai Botanicals Gin

    Saneha Thai Botanicals Gin 700mL ABV 40%

    Saneha Gin contains the following ingredients: juniper, sugarcane, coriander, Makwean, pineapple, ginger flower and cloves. It is a pure expression of Thailand’s rich culinary culture and flavours; featuring locally sourced and 100% natural...
  • Needle & Pin Seville Orange Gin

    Needle & Pin Seville Orange Gin 500mL ABV 37%

    Needle And Pin
    A citrus forward style gin with a twist in production. Still using botanicals from the Riverland, our Seville Orange gin is macerated in organic Seville oranges from the Adelaide Hills to create a super refreshing and slightly bitter style gin. With a...
  • Needle & Pin Riverland Dry Gin

    Needle & Pin Riverland Dry Gin 500mL ABV 40%

    Needle And Pin
    A dry style gin with a riverland twist. 13 botanicals, 9 uniquely riverland. Wildly fragrant saltbush, herbal olive leaf and all round freshness from mandarin, orange and raisin. The idea behind our Riverland dry gin is to capture the beauty of locality...
  • KIS Old Tom Gin

    KIS Old Tom Gin 700mL ABV 42.5%

    Kangaroo Island Spirits
    From native island botanicals. A new take on an old classic. Australia’s most awarded Old Tom style, this gin is a must have for any classic cocktail enthusiast. Based on the slightly sweeter styles of gins popular in the 18th century, our Old Tom...
  • KIS O Gin

    KIS O Gin 700mL ABV 43.5%

    Kangaroo Island Spirits
    From our native coastal daisy.  Award winning perfection.   With a more classic profile of juniper and citrus, this contemporary dry gin is defined by native coastal daisy, ‘Olearia Axillaris’ which we pick from the shores of our...
  • Settlers Pink Gin

    Settlers Pink Gin 700mL ABV 43%

    Settlers Spirits
    Wonderful aromatics of rose petals and raspberries followed with luscious fruit and finishing with crisp acidity. Garnish with a strawberry, mint leaf and a slice of lemon. Produced in Australia
  • Settlers Rare Dry Gin

    Settlers Rare Dry Gin 700mL ABV 43%

    Settlers Spirits
    This gin is fun in a glass! Driven by the aromatics of orange and lemon myrtle and finishing with native pepper berry. A classic London dry gin style. GarnishesTry a slice of lime and a small piece of fresh thyme orA twist of orange zest...
  • Bobby's Schiedam Jenever

    Bobby's Schiedam Jenever 700mL ABV 38%

    Bobby’s Jenever gin is a modern interpretation of a classic jenever bottle. The creators Sebastiaan and David, have brought the classic ‘kruik’ bottle to the 21st century with a strong and modern interpretation of its shape and made in...
  • Prohibition Gin Navy Strength

    Prohibition Gin Navy Strength 500mL ABV 58%

    Prohibition Liquor
    Navy Strength version of the original gin, ready for any cocktail. Prohibition Gin is the culmination of a vision to recreate the genuine spirit of clandestine heritage, with contemporary craftsmanship and top notch botanical ingredients. Our unique...
  • Procera Red Dot Gin Vintage 2021

    Procera Red Dot Gin Vintage 2021 700mL ABV 51%

    Procera Red Dot Gin Vintage 2021 - Spicy, Umami Cocktail Gin. We harvest Procera berries with the help of the local community at the end of the long, mid-year rains. Our Limited Edition Red Dot Gin displays a distinctive spicy character and powerful...
  • Cambridge Gin Seasonal Spring Summer 2020

    Cambridge Gin Seasonal Spring Summer 2020 700mL ABV 42%

    Cambridge Distillery
    SPRING-SUMMER 2020,TIME & PROVENANCE DISTILLED Seasonal gin made with distillates of botanicals harvested in the first six months of 2020. Spring Summer 2020 expression is a citrus delight, featuring lemon thyme, lemon verbena, and lemon balm...
  • Prohibition Bathtub Cut Gin

    Prohibition Bathtub Cut Gin 500mL ABV 69%

    Prohibition Liquor
    Prohibition Gin is the culmination of a vision to recreate the genuine spirit of clandestine heritage, with contemporary craftsmanship and top notch botanical ingredients. A bold nose of vanilla, juniper-spice, fortified and defined by wormwood-driven...
  • Colombo Dry Gin Navy Strength

    Colombo Dry Gin Navy Strength 700mL ABV 57%

    Here we have a Navy Strength expression from those Colombo folks over in Sri Lanka! With a similar botanical recipe as the original Colombo London Dry, though with the addition of an extra helping curry leaves for some extra spiciness. This is sure to...
  • Elephant Sloe Gin

    Elephant Sloe Gin 750mL ABV 35%

    Elephant Gin
    Compared to other sloe gins, Elephant Sloe has a relatively low sugar content paired with a higher alcohol volume of 35% ABV. This makes it ideally suited to mixing in cocktails as well as enjoying it neat. Produced in Germany
  • Elephant Gin 750mL

    Elephant Gin 750mL ABV 45%

    Elephant Gin
    Handcrafted in Germany, Elephant Gin is distilled with 14 botanicals including rare African ingredients giving to the gin its unique organoleptic profile. The company gives back to what inspired the gin in the first place by offering 15% of all proceeds...
  • Cotswolds Dry Gin

    Cotswolds Dry Gin 700mL ABV 46%

    In order to produce a gin with a unique character, Daniel Szor, the director of the Cotswolds distillery, called on a botanical expert help choose the best ingredients for his small-batch Cotswold gin. Produced from a special wheat-based spirit, this gin...
  • Isle of Harris Gin

    Isle of Harris Gin 700mL ABV 45%

    Isle of Harris
    Distilled in september 2015, Isle of Harris Gin is fresh, clean and complex. Of all botanicals, it is Sugar kelp which is key to the subtle coastal notes that mark out the spirit. Hand-harvested by a local diver from the deep underwater forests of the...
  • Dancing Sands Barrel Aged Gin

    Dancing Sands Barrel Aged Gin 700mL ABV 48%

    Dancing Sands
    The huge oak flavour shines through with hints of sweetness drawn from the rum casks. You’ll also recognise our signature hints of juniper, manuka and spice with the peppercorns and cardamom leading the way. Aged for 3 months, two types of casks...
  • Colombo Dry Gin

    Colombo Seven Dry Gin 700mL ABV 43.1%

    A gin like no otherDistilled to a unique recipe using seven spices and botanicals, Colombo No.7 is a distinctly sri lankan take on a london dry gin.Four native botanicals – cinnamon bark, curry leaves, ginger root and coriander seeds –...
  • Nikka coffey Gin

    Nikka Coffey Gin 700mL ABV 47%

    Created from maize and malted barley in the Coffey stills of the Miyagikyo distillery, this gin, produced for the first time by Nikka, sees the addition of a large number of citrus fruit (yuzu, kabosu, amanatsu, hirami lemon) and juniper berries. The...
  • Fair Gin Barrel aged

    Fair Gin Barrel Aged 500mL ABV 42%

    FAIR barrel aged gin is produced using FAIR Vodka and high quality juniper berries and spices. The juniper berries are sourced from a nature reserve in Uzbekistan, Central Asia. Agriculture is the chief source of income for the mainly rural population,...
  • West Winds The Cutlass Gin

    West Winds The Cutlass Gin 700mL ABV 50%

    The West Winds
    The Cutlass is a beautifully aromatic gin with a unique Australian character. It combines traditional juniper alongside some uniquely Australian elements like cinnamon myrtle and Australian bush tomato. Handcrafted small batch is the key to its delicacy...
  • West Winds The Sabre Gin West Winds The Sabre Gin 700mL ABV 40%

    West Winds The Sabre Gin 700mL ABV 40%

    The West Winds
    What defines a truly “British” gin? This Australian, with its dominant notes of citrus fruit and juniper berries, is far from ignoring its British origins, but it also offers some more unusual flavours with a touch of coriander and acacia...
  • Kyrö Dark Gin

    Kyrö Dark Gin 500mL ABV 42.6%

    Kyro Dark Gin (formerly known as Koskue) is a double distilled gin which has been macerated with botanicals including calendula, cranberries, birch leaf and orange zests. The maturation in small American oak barrels for 6 to 12 weeks, gives to KYRO Dark...
  • Old Sport Dry Gin

    Old Sport Dry Gin 700mL ABV 42%

    165 Years of Distilling Handcrafted with passion, a most gentle and adventurous gin. Mildly complex and fresh, selectively distilled with wild Juniper Berries, Angelica Root, Rosemary, Cardamom Seeds, Cinnamon Bark, Nutmeg, Orris Root, Licorice Root,...
  • French Gin from Normandy

    Le Gin de Christian Drouin Dry Gin 700mL ABV 42%

    Christian Drouin
    This gin is in fact a cider apple eau-de-vie from Normandy in which juniper berries, ginger, vanilla, lemon, cardamom, cinnamon, rose petals and almonds have been macerated. Remarkably well-balanced, it simultaneously reveals finesse and incredible...

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