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Shop here to satisfy your anise cravings: Greek Ouzo or Absinthe.

  • Ouzo Callicouni

    Ouzo Callicouni 700mL ABV 40%

    A traditional Greek spirit aperatif that is licorice/anise flavoured and when mixed with water, it turns into a cloudy, opaque white colour which is called “ouzo effect”. No other beverage is so synonymously linked to a country’s...
  • Pontarlier Anis

    Pontarlier Anis 500mL ABV 45%

    Distillerie Guy
    Invented by George Guy in 1921 with the help of his father Armand, Pontarlier-Anis uses the family recipe for Pontarlier absinthe, but without the absinthe plant! A unique beverage obtained exclusively through the distillation of green anise seeds and...

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