Buy mead here, fermented honey drinks which are naturally gluten free.

Gosnells from England and Lone Bee from New Zealand available.

  • Gosnells Original Wild Flower Mead 440mL

    Gosnells Original Wild Flower Mead 440mL ABV 4%

    Bright, bubbly and brewed in Peckham, this vibrant honey mead is made from the nectar of 45 species of wild flowers. Naturally sweet, with a dry finish. Perfectly balanced. ABV 4% Brewed in England Gosnells was founded by Tom in 2013 after he was...
  • Gosnells Citra Sea Mead CAN

    Gosnells Citra Sea Mead 330mL ABV 4%

    For our first limited edition brew, we've created our Citra Sea Mead. This is a rich blend of honeys fermented with lemon peel, tarragon and a Citra led hop blend. As a final touch before bottling, it is blended with sea water, yielding a tantalising,...
  • Gosnells Hopped Mead CAN

    Gosnells Hopped Mead 330mL ABV 4%

    Combines a rich blend of European Blossom Honey with a hit of new world hops Our Hopped is fresh, light and refreshing; the hops balance the sweetness from the honey, and along with a touch of bitterness from the hops brings forward a floral elderflower...
  • Gosnells Sour Mead CAN

    Gosnells Sour Mead CAN 330mL ABV 4%

    This is truly a labour of love and has taken years to perfect. Our answer to a sour beer, we blend together a soured mead with a sweeter mead to get the perfect juxtaposition of flavours, a bit like a lambic-style. Our Sour has complex layers of flavour...
  • Gosnells Hibiscus Mead

    Gosnells Hibiscus Mead 330mL ABV 4%

    Made with European Blossom Honey jam-packed with a truckload of dried Hibiscus flowers. This is our only pink mead! The hibiscus gives a tart jammy, fruit flavour before leading to a dry, almost cranberry-like finish. ABV 4% Made in London

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