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Real apple ciders not made from concentrate, just apples picked, pressed and fermented. Discover English cider fron Thatcher's, and popular La Chouette from France as well as some traditional dry cider from Western Australia and Sweden.

As for ginger beer, Royal Jamaican is king!

  • Cheeky Monkey Apple Cider

    Cheeky Monkey Apple Cider 330mL ABV 5%

    Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co.
    Apple Cider made with Western Australia Apples. When Cheeky Monkey make an apple cider, they make it right. Having sourced a blend of apples that were pressed locally, fermented it to an ABV% where Cider should really sit at (because who wants a 4% cider...
  • Fruktstereo The MVP

    Fruktstereo The MVP 750mL

    This cuvee is a sparkling fruit wine (Fruit Pét-Nat), that consists of 70% Pears (Conference, Clapps favorit, Alexander Lukas & wildly sourced varieties) and 30% apples (Gravensteiner). Most of apples and pears comes from Magnus Nilssons...
  • Denmark Heritage Cider Co. Pet Nat 2021 Cider Denmark Heritage Cider Co. Pet Nat 2021 Cider

    Denmark Heritage Cider Co. Pet Nat 2021 Cider 750mL ABV 8%

    Denmark Heritage Cider Co.
    A genuine first ferment Pet-Nat from our 2021 harvest. Tangy young green apple flavours with vanilla, lemon and sherbet notes. Preservative Free. No added Sugar. Ideal for summer picnic or barbie. ABV 8% Made in Western Australia   Denmark Heritage...
  • Thatchers Katy Cider

    Thatchers Katy Medium Dry Somerset Cider 500mL ABV 7.4%

    A light and sparkling cider with light strawberry aromatic notes crisp with a fresh, smooth flavour. Medium dry type of cider. Nutritional info: Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs. Gluten and dairy free. Contains sulphites for freshness. ABV...
  • Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer 6 Pack

    Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer 355mL ABV 4.4%

    Royal Jamaican
    SGD7.90 - SGD169.00
    Royal Jamaican Ginger Beer is authentically brewed with locally grown Jamaican ginger, considered to be the finest in the world.  The time-honored Jamaican recipe creates a unique, crisp, refreshing, full bodied ginger taste. Brewed with...

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