Lager | Pilsner

Bitter, crisp, fresh this is what you are looking for when drinking a lager or pilsner. Sometimes the best is simplicity.

Choose from Bavik Pilsner, Deschutes Crispy Lager or the always changing offer from Rocky Ridge.

  • Anderson Valley The Pilsner Anderson Valley The Pilsner 6 Pack

    Anderson Valley The Pilsner 355mL ABV 5.5%

    Anderson Valley
    SGD7.40 - SGD42.00
    This is THE PILSNER. Also known as The Mother of all Beer-Flavoured-Beers. Soft, crisp, flavorful and clean and while it is extremely drinkable it is also engaging and complex. It's not easy to make such a delicious and nuanced beer but we do things like...
  • Sale 15%
    Jupiler Pils

    Jupiler Pils 330mL ABV 5.2%

    Jupiler is the most famous and most popular beer in Belgium. This delicious pils is brewed with the finest ingredients (malt, maize, water, hop, yeast), using undisputed craftsmanship, ensuring an outstanding beer quality. Jupiler offers refreshment on a...
  • Sunbird Sunset Groove Lager

    Sunbird Sunset Groove Lager 330mL ABV 5%

    Sunbird Brewing
    From the break of dawn to night fall, for all the good times ahead. This is a light and crisp unfiltered Helles accompanied by the zippy noble hops with a clean snappy finish. Brewed in Singapore
  • Specific Gravity +65 OG Lager

    Specific Gravity +65 OG Lager 330mL ABV 4.5%

    Specific Gravity
    Back in the day, Lagers had flavor and commanded respect, which is the reason they were the OG beers made in Asia a century or so ago and became the brand names all of us recognize. Like those original Lagers, our +65 tastes like (wait for it) BEER, uses...
  • Deschutes King Crispy Pilsner Deschutes King Crispy Pilsner 6 Pack

    Deschutes King Crispy Pilsner 355mL ABV 4.8%

    Deschutes Brewery
    SGD6.95 - SGD40.00
    This fine beer was crowned winner of Pilsner Fest-The Bitburger Challenger at North Portland German Beer Bar Prost! ABV 4.8% Brewed in Bend, Oregon, USA     As co-owners of Deschutes, we are proud to be family and employee owned. We are...
  • Garage Project Beer Lager Garage Project Beer Lager 6 Pack

    Garage Project Beer Lager 330mL ABV 4.8%

    Garage Project
    SGD8.80 - SGD49.00
    Style: pale lager Brewed with: pilsner malt, saaz hops, czech yeast It couldn’t be simpler. Pilsner malt, Saaz hops and Czech yeast. That’s it. Sometimes simple is exactly what you want. Why bother dressing it up? It is what it is. Beer. ABV...

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