Pale Ale

Buy here your favorite pale ales, US style or English style.

You will find here Stone & Wood Pacific Ale, Wychwood Hobgoblin or Deschutes Lil Squeezy Juicy Ale.

  • Piraat Red

    Piraat Red 330mL ABV 10.5%

    Van Steenberge
    This new Red fits perfectly within the growing success of the heavy, sweet fruit beers. Piraat Red is a soft beer with a fruity taste of red fruit. Its subtle bitter finish makes you enjoy this delicious special beer. Brewed in Belgium
  • Piraat Triple Hop

    Piraat Triple Hop 330mL ABV 10.5%

    Van Steenberge
    Piraat triple hop is a balanced, complex brew with defined hop character. Brouwerij Van Steenberge uses the famous Piraat ale as the base providing the brew with a full-bodied fruity flavor from the malt blended with dry characteristics derived from the...
  • Piraat Blonde

    Piraat Blonde 330mL ABV 10.5%

    Van Steenberge
    The Van Steenberghe brewery created Piraat in 1988 in the wake of the success of its Gulden Draak. Jozef Van Steenberghe used the same unique wine yeasts as in Gulden Draak to create a unique, excellent amber beer. The result is a very...

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