Rochefort 6 Trappistes 330mL ABV 7.5%

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The "Trappistes Rochefort" is a brown ale. It is brewed and bottled within the walls of the Abbey of Saint-Remy in Rochefort. The modest dimensions of this brewery enable the Trappist monks and their collaborators to perfectly control production. Its artisan nature is particularly appreciated by more discerning palates. This beer contains only natural products; spring water, malt barley, hops, sugar. The “Rochefort Trappist Yeast” ensures the fermentation. Fermented again in the bottle, the Trappistes Rochefort releases its essence when it is served in an original glass at a temperature between 12 to 14°C.

This beer begins with a density of 16.5º Plato is 7.5% ABV.  It’s fine aroma provides a delicate taste for the palate!  “Rochefort 6” is the oldest Rochefort Trappist beer and was brewed empirically until the end of the Second World War.  It has a strong malt taste and is slightly bitter.

BeerAdvocate Rating: 92/100.

ABV 7.5%

Trappist ale and the 3 rules:

A Trappist ale can only be called Trappist ale when it has been brewed between the four walls of a Trappist monastery, under the supervision of the monastery’s monks, and when part of the proceeds is earmarked for charity. Pure and honest. And that’s reflected in the taste.

A “Trappist” has to satisfy a number of strict criteria proper to this logo before it may bear this name: 

The beer must be brewed within the walls of a Trappist monastery, either by the monks themselves or under their supervision.
The brewery must be of secondary importance within the monastery and it should witness to the business practices proper to a monastic way of life
The brewery is not intended to be a profit-making venture.  The income covers the living expenses of the monks and the maintenance of the buildings and grounds.  Whatever remains is donated to charity for social work and to help persons in need.

Pure and honest. And that’s reflected in the taste.