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Rocky Ridge x Ronin Fermentation Project (US) Wrath Triple West Coast IPA 500mL ABV 10% | Australian Craft Beer

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Stand prepared to confront the fearsome fury of our latest offering from Ronin Fermentation Project - a libation that commands your deference and adoration.

For nigh unto four years, we have had the honor of learning from Charlie, and, perchance, bestowing a few insights ourselves. His prowess and munificent demeanor render him one of the most estimable collaborators you shall ever encounter, and this brew was an organic amalgamation.

In this beer, we have harnessed the wrath of Californian titans, fashioning a formidable 10% concoction teeming with a scorching amalgam of US and Aussie hops. The malt base is deliberately light, permitting the intense hops to incinerate through.

But heed our admonition: the potent, wrathful strength of this beer will insidiously assail you, leaving an indelible imprint.

Brewed in Western Australia 

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